Ragini Talks to Laksh! Swaragini 16th March 2016 Written Updates

The Episode starts with Ragini telling Laksh that she is happy that she don’t love him anymore. Laksh is stunned and shaken. Ragini asks Laksh what happened to him. She says Annapurna and Durga Prasad named their property on her name when he was in jail. She says they have done so much for you. She says I have seen their pain and met them in jail. Kavya calls her behenji and asks why did she come here.

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Swaragini 16th March 2016 Written Updates

Ragini says she came to meet Laksh and not her. She tells Laksh that Kavya have come here with a motive. Kavya asks her to shut up. Ragini warns Kavya to stand there itself else she will beat her. She tells Laksh that Kavya have a relation with someone, who have sold them icecream, chaat etc. She says I saw him near the temple and followed him and tells everything. Laksh doesn’t believe her and asks what is she saying about icecream, chat etc. Ragini is surprised and asks Kavya what she has done with Laksh as he don’t remember anything. Laksh asks Ragini to go and is about to hold her hand, when she asks him not to touch her, and calls him spineless person. She says I hate myself, and feels pity on you. She says you will repent when your eyes open up. Laksh looks on.

He recalls the recent happenings and gets doubtful on Kavya. Kavya comes and asks what happened to you? Laksh says I think I should go to Police station. Kavya asks why? She asks him not to go. Laksh says okay and asks her to tell everything truly. He asks her to tell whatever have happened on muh dikhayi rasam. Kavya tells him that that day they haven’t done anything with her, and she acted as she was angry with them. Kavya thinks Laksh’s doubt is increasing, and I have to do something. She tells Laksh that she will bring coffee for them. She gets a call from her brother who asks her to give him 5 lakhs rupees as the dealer is asking for the money.

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He tells her that he is waiting for her in the backyard and asks her to bring the money. Kavya comes back to room and tells Laksh that she has forgotten to take the apron. She takes the money from the locker and goes. Laksh calls her and follows her. Kavya hurries outside. Kavya gives money to her brother and asks him to tell dealer to be happy with the money which she is giving else she will trap him. Laksh sees apron in the room and sees Kavya with someone through the window. He is going out, Kavya comes inside and makes an excuse. Laksh asks her to make coffee fast. Kavya says sure.

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Laksh tells that he has seen her with someone and thinks to find out. He sees Kavya’s brother leaving in his car and follows him. Her brother sees Laksh following him. He gives money to the dealer and asks him not to threaten him again. He leaves. Laksh asks the dealer about the man. Dealer refuses to tell him anything. Laksh slaps him. Dealer turns out to be the tailor who came to Maheshwari house. He tells him that Kavya got gun powder stitched on her clothes. Kavya’s brother calls her and tells her everything. Kavya asks what is Laksh’s reaction. Her brother says Laksh is shocked. Kavya says Laksh is not that much fool that he seems to be like. She says this is what I wanted, he knows the truth now. She smiles. Laksh thinks everyone was right about Kavya and regrets to trust her.

Laksh feels like fainting, may be due to the drug or shock. He recalls accusing his family because of Kavya, and Ragini telling that she is feeling pity on him. He calls the Taxi with much difficulty. Doctor checks him and tells Laksh that he will be alright and the drug effect will be gone soon. Laksh is shocked and asks about the drug. Doctor asks him to leave the drug else it will damage his nervous system. Laksh asks if the drug can be taken in milk, tea etc. Doctor says yes. Laksh recalls Kavya giving her milk and telling him it is a protein supplement. He recalls Ragini’s words about Kavya and is shocked.

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