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In the series of horror movie another movie came up called Shivalinga a Kannada horror movie directed by P. vasu, featuring Shivarajkumar and Vedhika in main leading role. This film set to released all over in 12th Feb. A most accepted movie by Shivarajkumar in his entire carrier after his latest blockbuster ‘killing Veerappan”.

By this movie people and fans excepting much more from the actor shivarajkumar and they know that their hero not going to let him down. Even the producer and all movie crew is also excited for the journey starting from today.


Shivalinga Movie Review

Story based on


Well, the movie is quite awesome and creating a good buzz between youngsters who love horror movie. In this movie Shivarajkumar going to play a CID officer role who finds that the court was wrong with his decision and he proved that the case was not what the court thinks it’s not a suicide it’s a Murder. Well than what happened is a mystery and Shivarajkumar find that or not it’s also a mystery for that you have to watch movie.

This movie also going to be dubbed in Telugu, and I think that’s awesome news for the fans because they can reach to movie in their own language.

Shivalinga Movie Official Trailer

Positive points of the movie-

  • Movie is featuring Shivarajkumar and just that important for the fans.
  • Movie had a great direction
  • The story was superb and that’s a great sign


Negative point of the movie-

  • Timing its coming in a wrong time
  • Editing work is not so good.


Well, it doesn’t matter what is story if the fans are ready to watch this horror drama thriller and that’s cool. For the horror movie fans that could be awesome deal.

Produced by K. A. Suresh

Written by P. Vasu

Starring Shiva Produced by K. A. Suresh

Written by: P. Vasu

Music by: V. Harikrishna

Starring: Shiva Rajkumar, Vedhika, Urvashi

Rating: 3.5/5

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