Naagin 13th March 2016 : Gurumaa brings icchadhari mor to kill Nagin!

Tonight it is something the sensational yet to happen in the supernatural turn horror TV series “Naagin”. The tonight episode of the TV series “Naagin” is only all about winning the Naagmani back by Shivanaaya and Shesha. While Ankush Raheja and Yamini are in mode of the celebration as they think they have their “Naag Mani”. Shesha and Shivanya are very angry as they are failed to have their “Naag Mani” back.


Naagin 13th March 2016 Written Updates

But Shesha and Shivanya decide to steal the Naagmani anyway from the Ankush, before he sells it to the someone. Now Shivanaaya and Shesha take the get up and dress up as the buyers, fool Ankush and Yamini and win back the “Naag Mani”. However, all of sudden the real buyers come and inform to Ankush that they haven’t got any “Naag Mani” till now. That’s when Yamini and Ankush realise that the Naagins have taken away the “Naag Mani” from them and run away with the “Naag Mani”.

In the mean time, Shivanya follows Ankush Raheja in her Naagin avatar to find out about the fifth murder but she did not succeed to do so. Yamini tries to hurt Shivanya, but Shivanaaya escapes from the place without figuring out the fifth killer is. Suddenly Shivanaaya realises that Ritik is in danger.

In fact it is true Ritik too overhears Ankush’s plan to kill him and eventually realises that his car has no breaks. Ankush shocked to know so that his parents are not his real parents. So eventually he informs Shivyana who again comes in time to save Ritik. Ritik also realised that he is lucky to be married to be with Shivanya and Shivanaaya is always around him to give him protection.

But anyway the mystery about the fifth killer still remains a mystery. Shesha and Gurudev fail to find out Ritik’s real dad and fail with going missing. And later they realise that even the Naagmani has gone missing. Who has the Naagmani?

Will Ritik will be able to save his life and since how much time wills Shivanaaya will be able to save Rithik. Don’t forget to find out in the tonight episode of the supernatural turn horror TV series “Naagin” and stay tuned for the more updates.

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