13th March 2016 : Keikeyi Jealous To See Ram’s Coronation! Siya Ke Ram Written Updates

The last night episode of the mythological TV series “Siya Ke Ram” indicated that Ram and Sita were having friendly conversations and now Ram told Sita that they shares some relation between each other even before their marriage. Ram told to Sita that I was already impressed with you when I saw you to tie a piece of cloth at horse’s wound.

 Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram 13th March 2016 Written Updates

About this Sita said I know you put that cloth safe, I see the cloth on horse’s neck in Vishwamitra’s Ashram, I always wanted to meet you once in the entire life. She says when I and my sister are leaving to the Ashram I was waiting to see you. Ram said I already come there to meet with you but failed to do so.

Now Kaikeye slaps Mantra but Mantra says to Kaikeye that you are like my daughter; I can’t see you to becoming a Dassi. Mantra said Dasharath always try to make Ram as a king and now it is all set that Ram will be the King. He could not see Bharat become king and wearing crown even when Bharat is deserve to wears the crown, and now Dasharath removes the crown from his head.

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Mantra said why Ram’s Raj Tilak is happing when in the Bharat absence. Raja can wait for the arrival of Bharath for the Raj Tilak in one night. But Raja is in no mood to wait for Bharat even for one night. Raja decided to make Ram Raja and Ram will be the King.

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Kakaiye became sceptical about the Dashrath’s decision. Kakaye asked Mantra to stop but Kakaiye said to Mantra that this is fact. Bharath is my son too; I can’t see you and Bharath to become Daas and the Daasi. Meanwhile, Raavan did Pooja and all that to have his magical power back. Now Ravan need to do a Yug (Anushtaan) and he need to be succeed to have the all the power.

Ravan does the Yug now, Kavach chanted some magical word and with the two fire rings makes entry in the Ravan’s body and Ravan got all the power. Ravan starts to smile and confess that now he will defeat the Indra and make him his servant.

What will Keikeye will be able to stop the Rajtilak, find out in the tonight episode of the historical TV series “Siya Ke Ram”.

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