Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishani Is Sad To Lose Ranveer!10th February 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV serial “Meri Ashiqui Tum Se Hi” started with it is shown that Ishaani wakes up and shocked to finds that Ranveer is missing. Naina is sitting on the near chair and Ishaani tries to explain her everything. But Naina is in no mood to hear anything she thinks that Ishani and Ranveer is having something.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th February 2016 Episode Updates

Meri aashiqi tum se hi

The nextscene shows that Maa comes and Nirbhay takes blessings from Maa. Maa says that Naina’s marriage is about to happen and why right now he again locked Ishaani in the room. Maa says that Ishani should be present in every marriage rituals of Naina and Ranveer as Naina is her Nanad and Ishani is her Bhabhi.

Maa also said to Nirbhay that Ranveer should not feel that her ex-wife is unhappy here so Ishani must come in the nuptial ceremony.

Meanwhile, Naina said to Ishani that she don’t want to marry Ranveer as still he spends his night with his ex-wife who is Ishani herself. Ishani try to explain Naina but Naina keep saying wrong things to Ishani and Ranveer’s relationship. Suddenly Nirbhay comes inside and he finds Naina and Ishaani there. Ishaani comes towards him but Naina holds her back.

Naina asked Ishani to stay away from Ranveer who is all set to marry Naina now and Ranveer is ex husband of Ishani. Naina asked to Ishani that now she is wife of her brother Nirbhay and he should stay loyal to Nirbhay. Nirbhay became angry and asked Ishani to follow Naina’s words unless Nirbhay will be killing Ranveer. Ishani gets scared.

In the mean time while, walking in the corridor Ranveer try to recall what happened between him and Ishani. Ranveer is having partial memory but he is unable to recall anything. Ishani thinks by the way, last night memory and time which she had with Ranveer was the best and precious one.

Ranveer is now worry about it that due to he spends some time with Ishani last night he just hopes that it will be not affecting Ishani’s life as now she is married to an evil man Nirbhay. Ranveer decided to each and everything to safeguard Ishani from Nirbhay and for the sake of Ishani’s life.

Ishani creid and thinks about Ranveer that now because of her unfortunate luck she loses Ranveer and now in front of her Ranveer will be marrying Naina. Ishani is sad to lose Ranveer and Ishani now criticised her luck.

She feels somehow guilty that her even small mistakes can risk Ranveer’s life so she decides to stay more alert now from Nirbhay and Naina.

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