Swaragini: How Sanskar And Ragini Will Save Swara 10th February 2016 Episode Written Updates

Written UpdatesThe last night episode of the TV serial “Swaragini” starts with Dadi asking Swara that who was the person who was Urvashi in her evil stuffs. When they asked Urvashi to tell name of the person, Urvashi says very soon she will be tell name of the person who supports her in her evil deeds.


Swaragini 10th February 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ragini says that it was wrong why she didn’t trust her sister Swara was right. It was Urvashi Maasi who was against every wrong thing happen in the Goradiya house. Swara eventually arrives in the scene and shows the mask to everyone saying that it is Janki Maa’s mask. Swara says she was actually in search for the person who did all these things.

Swara said because of Urvashi Maasi’s wrong intentions Sumi Maa till now sufferings and Sanskar and Shekhar say that now only Ragini and Swara can save her. Swara says now we need to reveal the third person name who support Urvashi Maasi in her wrong works.

In the mean time, it was Kavita who searched Swara and brings her out from the cupboard by pretending as good. Afterward, the doctor arrived and he did his treatment to Swara. And Kavita transfer all blames in the head of Urvashi. Kavita said it was Urvashi who attacked Swara with rod.

Shakhar asked to call police to arrest Urvashi. Urvashi cried and seek pardon but Ragini and Shekhar said Kavita should not be forgiven. Kavita pretend to be good and she became again friends with Swara and Sanskar. Swara and Sanskar now insist Kavita for staying in the Maheshwari house.

Both sisters Swara and Ragini’s relationship gets stronger. Ragini also say thanks for opening her eyes against Urvashi Maasi. Kavita says okay on staying in the Maheshwari house but Sujata don’t want her to stay but she remains mute for sake of Swara and Sanskar.

Kavita says thanks to Urvashi for not revealing her name in the front of everybody as a culprit. Urvashi also fixed a meeting with Kavita to plan the stuffs for further. Kavita says okay she will meet with Urvashi in the out of house.

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