Naagin 27th February 2016: Yamini Is To kill Rithvik, Shivanaya Save him! Written Updates

The makers of the supernatural turn horror series “Naagin” leaving no stone unturned to make the TV series huge popular and super hit. And the show is also leaving viewers in its hooked. Latest buzz of the show is saying that Rithvik is going to die in the TV series and none other than from his own mom Yamini’s hands.


Naagin 27th February 2016 Written Updates

As per report it is Rithik (Arjun Bijlani) is not Yamini (Sudha Chandran) and Ankush’s (Manish Khanna) son but Yamini’s brother Maharaj’s. In the upcoming episode of the horror TV fiction soap it will be shown in the sequence Rithvik’s life will be in danger.

Rithik will find a fake Naagmani, and assuming it to be real, will hand it over to Yamini and Ankush. Now the evil Yamini and Ankush will plan to kill Rithik. Meanwhile, now Shivanya (Mouni Roy) and Sesha (Adaa Khan) is in search of the real Naagmani when Mayura (Madhura Naik) will be seen creating trouble for them. “Shivanya and Shesha will start their hunt for the fifth killer. But another trouble will land their way in the form of the Ichadaari mor (shape-shifting peacock) Mayura (Madhura Naik)”.

Now probably Rithvik who is still dont know the evil intention of his fake parents Yamini abd Ankush Raheja will be effort to kill Shivanya as Rithvik is now aware of it that Shivanaaya is the Naagin. But Shivanaaya who is now aware of it that Rithvik is not from the Raheja family and he is the innocent will be manages to reach the spot in time to save her husband where Rithvik is planned to kill.

It will be interesting to see whether Shivanaaya will be able to save Rithvik or she herself will be killed in the hands of Rithvik as the latest buzz is saying that Shivaanya will be killed in the coming episode and Rithvik will be fall for Shesha.

In the tonight episode of the horror TV series “Naagin” it will be shown that Shivanya asks Sesha to promise that she will not harm Rithik. Now Sesha comes in front of Rithik and Guruma’s car. Rithik says Guruma she is Nagin Sesha says yes she is nagin and she shows her ferocious face. Also Shesha dance with an Ichchadhaari Nag (Snake Man) in front of the “Nagmani”.

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