Ram-Sita & Others Brothers Meet Shanta! Siya Ke Ram 27th February 2016 Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV “Siya Ke Ram” starts with Kaikaiyee is crying and worrying about her son, Bharat. Laxman brought in someone to cure him. Ram pleaded the Rishi to treat his younger brother fast to save his life.

siya ke ram

Siya Ke Ram 27th February 2016 Written Updates

Now the Rishi told him that Bharat has fallen ill due to the Asuri powers. Eventually these Asuri power will be grow which will be affecting Bharath’s life and life. Ram and Kaikaiyee became anxious for Bharath and the Guru said that they have to cure Bharath now before sunset. Lakshman asked how he can be cured. Rishi replied that only Brahmarishi Mudgal can cure him.

Thereafter, Laxman took Ram’s permission and left in the search of the Rishi Mudgal with Shatrughan.

Now the Mahashambhar returned as the hawk to the cave where everyone appreciated his victory. Mahashambhar said that they have got exactly the same time for which they were waiting for Ram being alone. All of them laughed and enjoyed the pity. The Mahasambhar said further, “we will not get such opportunity again to kill Ram”. So we should use this opportunity.

Mahasambhar added further. Virat agreed with him and said it is the best time for revenge. But Ram is now anxious for Bharath and he is literally busy in taking care of Bharath.

Suddenly Ram hears a voice coming from the hawk which is saying that, “I will leave to check. You all will be here only. Sumanta will take care of everyone”. Ram thinks this is sign of the danger.

So now Ram created a protective shield and said that, “You all will be safe inside here as no Asur can enter inside it”. Ram is very sure about this that Bharth is safe here.

In the mean time still Lakshman and Shatrughan didn’t find the Rishi Mudgal and Bharath situation is getting worst now. Now in the evening Ram returned and saw Bharat. Sita said that sunset is nearing, but Shatrughan and Lakshman haven’t returned yet. Rishi said that they have to do something fast.

Suddenly now the Rishi Mudgal arrived. Ram welcomed and greeted him. Mudgal checked Bharat and started healing process. In tonight episode of the TV series “Siya Ke Ram” it will be shown that Rishi Mudgal will be doing the treatment with leaves to cure Bharat.

Mahashambhar asked Virat for more army to fail Ram once and for all. So don’t forget to catch tonight interesting episode of the daily soap “Siya Ke Ram” at 8:00 PM only on the Star Plus!

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