Siya Ke Ram 29th February 2016: Ram-Sita arrive in Ayodhya with all couples!

siya ke ramThe last night episode of the mythological TV series “Siya Ke Ram” starts with Sita telling Ram that she felt like knowing a new thing about Raghukul, after meeting Shanta. She says I heard a lot about Raghukul in childhood, and did not know I will get related to them. Ram asks what stories you knew know about Raghukul, now Sita narrates story of Raghukul to Ram that Janak said about Raghukul to Sita that Raghukul, is the person who never broke their promises.

Now Ram tells a story to Sita that Guru Vashishth said him about the person Raja Harishchandra who never lied to anybody. Even Raja Harishchandra donated his entire kingdom to the Vishwamitra. Now Ram said to Sita that it is important to keep the promise as well to never say lie. Now Ram said to Sita that as per Vishwamitra Daan and Dakshina are also the important.

So Ram said to Sita that it is important to follow rules and regulations and to obey the duty. As when Raja Harishchandr’s son died he had nothing to offer to the Chandal to do the final cremation and much before that as per duty he gives his son and wife to a Brahmin as servant as he promised to the Brahmin that he will be offered a servant to him.

So final cremation of the died son had been done by Harishchandra himself as he had nothing to offer to the Chandaal. But eventually the god was only testing Raja Harishchandra so now the gods became happy with Harishchandra and he offered his kingdom to himself also made his son alive. Dashrath is very happy now with the arrival of princes with their princess.

Now it is shown that Raavan wakes up and Amrit in his navel appears bright. He walks ahead and the place shakes. He gets thinking and lifts a vase by sign on his hand. He looks at the Diyas and the Diyas get blow off. He moves a huge pillar form and it falls back by just a slight touch. Now Ravaan realised that he became more powerful now with the prayers of his wife.

Now Ravaan reached to the highest mountain where Mandodari and Vibhisahn reached to find out what Ravaan is doing and they find that, Ravaan is standing there.

Raavan is also laughing loud. Vibhishan says Raavan’s body has got more power by Amrit. Now I m worried that whether Ravaan will use this powers for good or bad. She gets worried.

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