Siya Ke Ram: Dasharath Gives Marriage Proposal To Janak 9th February 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the last night episode of the TV series “Siya Ke Ram” it has been shown that the King Dasharatha give marriage proposal to King Janak for his younger daughters. King Dashrath literally has been shown impressed with the Gunas of Sita’s younger sisters; and proposed wedding between Laxman- Urmila, Mandavi- Bharat and Shatrughan – Shrutkirti’s.


Siya Ke Ram 9th February 2016 Episode Written Updates

Sita’s sisters are shocked to know so. But Janak feels obliged and overwhelmed with this marriage proposal and says this marriage proposal increase honour of Mithila and its respect

Everyone and the King Janak are also happy with this marriage proposal as 4 sisters are very much closed to each other. They can’t even live without each other and after marriage if they are getting chance to live together it would be fabulous for the sisters of Mithila.

But Mandavi is not happy with this marriage proposal and she speaks with Sita that she got chance to choose her husband then why Mandavi doesn’t get chance. This is not Mithila’s tradition which is apply on her.

Meanwhile, Ram is very happy that her brothers will be marrying Sita’s sisters now but Bharath is sceptical about Mandavi to like him or not and he discuss it with Ram. About it Ram says it is impossible to dislike Bharath by somebody and Ram says he is sure that Mandavi is very happy with this marriage proposal.

Eventually it is shown that Mandavi is happy with this marriage proposal. With these words of Mandavi, King Janak became very happy and hugs his daughter. When Sita asked to Mandavi how her opinion for Bharath changed.

Mandavi now says that Bharath is shadow of his brother Ram and I denied this marriage proposal as that time I didn’t knew about Bharath and now I know him he is really a good being who never ever hurt somebody and he is actually always respect women.

Sita is very with Mandavi’s decision and out of joy and love Sita embrace her younger sister Mandavi!!!

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