22nd March 2016 : Rajmata take the name of her well wishers! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Written Updates

The yesterday night episode of the historical come periodic TV series “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” starts with the Sushim is putting allegations on Ashoka that it is him behind the murder of the Draupad. Sushim is in no mood to believe all the logic which were assaying by Ashoka. In fact Sushim said that he himself witness that Ashoka kissed the arrow and shot it. Ashoka became restless to prove her innocence. Ashoka was also feeling sad to realise that why it is Sushim hate him.

 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd March 2016 Written Updates

Bindu says about this that this one has been done by Unani and how the Unani dare do it. Ashoka says it is insider news which is reveal that the it is a secret. Ashoka says that the secret Unani is associated with the Rajmata Helena. There was nothing to doubt her so he went to her room.

Now Ashoka and Kauravaki thinks about how they finding a box in her room and eventually they hear footsteps and hide. Helena comes, picks the box and leaves. They shocked to that the Helena has been coming there and she leaves with Siamak. It ends eventually.

Bindu wants to know. Ashoka takes Helena and Siamak’s name. Bindu says to him, do you have proof. Ashoka asks Bindu to accompany him to the place where Helena she hides the box. Bindu says to Ashoka that Rajmata means the same as Dharma means to you. Helena acts to be hurt and says I realized I m only a Unani, a stepmother. Anyone can enter my room and blame me.
But Ashoka says to Helena and Bindu that it is Helena, Saimak and Sushim planned to kill me but it was by mistake Draupad get killed. And Bindu and Ashoka also caught Saimak in the red handed when he was about to hides the box.

Bindu feels very sad to see the real face of the Helena and says I wish I could recognised her earliest then perhaps Acharya would not have been died and also Bindu seek apology from the Ashoka for framing him in the murder case of Draupad.

Bindu also praised Ashoka as Ashoka gives justice to Draupad and Subhraasi also said sorry to the Ashoka. Now Kaurvaki congratulates Ashoka. Dharma comes and says Satyamev Jayte. She is happy as Drupad got justice.

Ashoka says we need to finish the evils and need to know name of the person who supports Raj Maata in her wrong works and only Raaj Maata can reveal his name.