24th March 2016 : Shanaya Challange to Nidhi ! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates

The Episode starts with Niddhi being shocked seeing the real Shanaya. She asks her to come along her to her home. Shanaya refuses. Niddhi asks for her phone number or her card. Shanaya gives her card. Niddhi gets down the car. Raman and Ishita are happy to fool Niddhi and laugh that Niddhi’s car got towed. Niddhi tells Mrs.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2016 Written Updates

Bhalla about fake Shanaya, real one is someone else whom I met. Shagun asks what is she saying. Mrs. Bhalla says what does she want, you are big lawyer, find out who is she, you are Devi and saved us, save Raman too. Niddhi says don’t worry, I m here, I will expose her. Simmi says we will tell Raman. Shagun says just Niddhi can save Raman.

Mrs. Bhalla says we can’t believe anyone these days, find out Niddhi. Niddhi goes. They all laugh. Simmi says mum should be actor, it will be fun when Niddhi gets trapped in her own plan. Shagun says if Niddhi knows this, she will trouble Ishita. Ishita thanks the girl Neetu and Raichand. Neetu says I m a good actress. Raichand says I have many daughters now. Neetu says Niddhi was so shocked, she was forcing me to come with her to her home, I refused her. Ishita says yes, you always refuse her, don’t go with her. Neetu says I gave her my card, maybe its her call.

Raman signs her. Neetu talks to Niddhi putting speaker on. Niddhi asks Neetu to meet today. Neetu says I just landed, I m tired, its difficult for me to meet today. Ishita signs her. Neetu says you can meet me tomorrow at airline office, I m going to collect my luggage. Raman says its all by our plan, Niddhi is confused, she will try to kill Ishita, I m sure Niddhi proved that Ishita is killing Amar Chadda, when Ishita was just defending. Ishita says Niddhi has that video, she has hidden the real proof, she is not ready to give us, we want she gets trapped in similar case, we will ask for my innocence proof to give her innocence proof. Neetu asks when will we do this. Ishita says on holi… and smiles.

Mihika comes back and surprises Vandu. She hugs Vandu and laughs. She says my mum is fine, you did not tell me anything, I could have helped. Vandu says I was not in position to share anything with anyone, it was very depressing, I m fine now. Mihika asks who is Shanaya. Vandu says she is Ishu, she made this plan to expose Niddhi, because Niddhi framed her. Mihika cries and says I m so angry on Ishita, she made us cry. Vandu says no, its Raman and Ishu’s plan to get proof from Niddhi. Mihika says fine, I will meet Mrs. Bhalla. Vandu asks her to go. Mihika asks about her job. Vandu says Bala got to know I got job because of Suraj, so he got upset. Mihika asks her to join Raman’s company and work with her. They hug.

Niddhi decorates the room. She says if my plan works out, then Raman will be just mine. Raman comes home and tells Ishita that I came home, mummy informed me that Niddhi has sent everyone on dinner, come home fast. Ishita asks are you scared. He says my respect is in risk, don’t take chance, come soon. Ishita says I will come… someone enters home… while Raman goes to his room. Niddhi makes Raman sit and massages his shoulders. Raman goes to freshen up. Romi gets the property papers which Mr. Bhalla was giving to Shagun. He feels sorry to steal the papers, he is just doing this to stop Sarika from helping Niddhi.

Raman comes back and makes distance from Niddhi. She gets close. He says I have Santoshi Maa’s fast, mum said I can’t eat non veg and drink wine. Niddhi says nothing will happen. He says its Mata’s fast, I believe it. She says leave all this, come. He says I m very tired. She says I will make you get relieved. He says I m stressed, wait my phone is ringing. He talks to Shanaya… He says Shanaya has come, I will meet her. Niddhi thinks why did this fake Shanaya come here, I won’t let her spoil my night.

Raman tells Ishita about Niddhi. They see Niddhi coming and start acting. Ishita asks Raman why was he not receiving her call. Raman says I was going on dinner with my fiancé. Ishita says interesting, what about dinner with client, we have booking. Raman says sorry, I forgot. Niddhi I will go, its meeting, I know you will understand, I will go and change. Romi calls someone and says I got papers, I will meet you tomorrow. Raman gets ready and sees Romi. Raman asks did you not go for dinner. Romi make excuse. Raman tells Romi that I m trying to save my life and run away, Ishita can save me from Niddhi. Romi says bhabhi will manage, you know her well.

Niddhi scolds Ishita to be after Raman always. Ishita says you now Shanaya is after Raman, I don’t need excuse to meet Raman or anyone. Niddhi says you would say Raman wants to meet you, don’t think if your face matches with Ishita, you can capture his heart, I will be with Raman.

Ishita taunts Niddhi and says your marriage broke and you are staying here, do you know what people call such girls, girls of good families don’t do this. Niddhi argues. Niddhi says stay away from Raman, he is mine, it’s a warning. Ishita says you look confident, why are you fighting then, he will be yours, I will get him, that’s a challenge. Niddhi says I stay in his heart, he won’t go anywhere. Ishita says he is with me, when Shanaya loves anyone, then world makes me meet that person, Raman will be with me in just 5 days, remember, he will be in my house, my bedroom, you can’t stop him, that’s a challenge.

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