Swadheenta Apologized To Adarsh! Dehleez 23rd March 2016 Updates

Yesterday in Dehleez we all saw that Adarsh told swadheenta to meet shukla for her case. Shukla is the one who can help him out for  her case.Swadheenta asks for shukla in the office and meet shukla. After listening all the case Shukla told Swadheenta that he try to help her out but it will cost about 1 lakh. He said that he will disappear the file and get 1 lakh.

Dahleez 23rd March 2016 Written Updates

When Shukla asks for money Swadheenta gives her money which is less than one and half lakhs Shukla replied that m not a beggar and told her that i want one and half lakh then only i can do your work.Swadheenta tries to covince him but she failsand he leaves from there. Swadheenta gets upset and thinking how to manage a huge amount of money.on the other hand adarsh call shukla and told him that swadheenta is my freind .
Shukla goes back to swadheenta and says sorry to her and told him that don’t worry i will do your work. Swadheenta replied that i don’t have that much money to pay you. Shukla told swadheenta that leave about money if you told me that you are robin hood’s friend then i would do your work that time only.
Swadhhenta ask Shukla robinhood?having a surprising face then she remember about Adarsh. Swadheenta meets Adarsh and says sorry to him and thanks a lot for the help and what has he done for her and for her case. Swadheenta ask Adarsh for coffee as he helped her so much. Adarsh replied that tomorrow we will go for coffee at your favorite place. Swadheenta leaves for home
When Swadheenta reach home Prakash was already there and waiting for her. He told her that we decided to take the case back and we will go to Mr. Ahuja and apologize to him and ask her for the compensation.Swadheenta told them please dont do this i will promise you that i will win this case and help you to have your property back.For more updates of your favorite Show Dehleez stay tuned with us.

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