In the loving television show “Swaragini” it is an emotional episodes is yet to come which is all set to showcase an emotional moment between Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and Ragini as she will enter in the jail by pretending as Sanskaar. And by seeing this Lakshay will realise that how much Ragini loves him and eventually Lakshay will be breakdown.


Swaragini 23rd March 2016 Written Updates

Now Swara (Helly Shah) who turn out to be the private detective for the sake of the Maheshwari family get to know about House No.211 which belonged to Durgaprasad’s partner, Malhotra. She also gets to know about a girl Tania who has been returned from Kolkata as Kavya and she is here to seek revenge from the Maheshwari family and Lakshay.

And the entire story of the Tania has been reveal by the real Kavya (Roop Duggal) who is brutally injured. Before dying, the girl reveals the entire story to the Swara and Swara is shocked to hear so. In the mean time, Swara will need Sanskaar’s (Varun Kapoor’s) help to find the truth of Tanya and her brother’s. And also Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar) and Swara has been come up with a plan. Now Ragini has been dresses up as Sanskaar and rush towards meet with Lakshay in the custody. Swara help Ragini in her mission.

Now Lakshya (Namish Taneja) thought Ragini as the Sanskaar and gradually confess his major mistake of him to choosing Kavya over Ragini. He will cry on her shoulders. And the couple will be sharing some emotional moment.
Eventually Swara also confirm to Ragini that Swara confirmed that Tanya is not Kavya and Kartik is Tanya’s brother, Swara further says the actuall Kavya has been deid and it is Tanya who is pretending like Kavya to ruin Laksahy’s life and it is because of her Lakshay is in jail now.

Ragini says so the Kavya and Tanya are two different personalities. Swara says yes, Ragini says we need to catch her but Swara says I went to the cell to catch her but there Swara came to know that Tanya was released from the jail six months prior to her scheduled release because of her good behaviour.

Ragini became shocked and estranged, also looked on Swara. Don’t forget to catch the amazing episode of the TV series “Swaragini” tonight at 9:30 PM only on the Colors TV!!!



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