4th March 2016: Raman Gets Shocked Seeing A Note! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein” starts with Amma is talking to Ruhi and Ruhi is saying to Amma that she is missing her dad Raman (Karan Patel) but Ruhi is being strict with him as right now Raman has been lost in the wrong path and Ruhi mission is to bring him in the right path. Amma is touched with Ruhi’s words and mission and compliment Ruhi by saying your Ishi Maa (Divyanka Tripathi) must be proud of you and Amma embrace Ruhi. Ruhi cries by holding Amma.


Now Mrs. Bhalla prepares all the dishes but now Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) asked her to leave and Raman arrived. Nidhi wears the apron and started cooking in the kitchen. On seeing Nidhi cokking Raman gives her compliment by saying that Nidhi is multi-talented woman. Nidhi smiles and looked on.

Now Nidhi and Raman organised a party but Amma and Ishita wants to spoil the party so Amma suggests Ishita to drink wine and spoil the party. Mrs. Bhalla says idea is great. The man describes and the sketch is done and he takes permission and leaves. Abhishek asks her sketch and ink falls on it and Abhishek asks him to make another and the artist says man has left. Abhishek sees the half sketch and comes to know it was Raman.

Now Abhishek is wonder to know that why Raman didn’t reveal about it. Abhishek is wanted to know the reason of this weird behaviour of the Raman. Anyway now Nidhi attends the party and Mrs. Bhalla was also there in the party. Mrs. Bhalla now hugs her friend. Now afterward Mrs. Bhalla makes Nidhi embarrassed by behaving strange in the party which makes the guests to leave the party. Raman became so angry on his mom for her this behaviour.

Now Raman insults Mrs. Bhalla in the front of the guests and Raman take Nidhi’s side. Mrs. Bhalla hurts with this, so Simmi takes her in the other room where Amma consoles Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi is shocked to see that Raman behave wrong with her Dadi.

Romi feels bad for Ishita and he discuss this to Abhishek but Abhishek consoles Romi that Raman is now with Nidhi as he needs someone to rear his kids and Raman himself is so alone. So from Nidhi he is just having moral support.

But Romi is sceptical about Nidhi and cries and Romi said Ishita can’t commit suicide. Abhishek said he will be searching these all things. Now Nidhi meets with Shagun. And Nidhi put some conditions on Shagun.

Now Nidhi says Shagun must leave the kids twice a year and says the third child will go to Raman she will not bear any responsibility. With Nidhi’s words Shagun get shocked.

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