Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat : Bindusara Slaps Ashoka! 4th March 2016 Written Episode Updates

The last night episode of the historical TV series “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” starts with Bindusaar announce Ashoka as the successor of him but Shushim is shocked to see this as Sushim thinks and asked to everyone that how it is possible that a Dassi-Putra will going to sit on Magadh’s throne. On this Bindu goes angry and slaps Sushim and on this everyone goes shocked. On seeing these all things Ashoka gets angry and hurt.


Now Bindusar said to Sushim that a person is good and bad just by his/her Karma’s not by his/her physical or practical appearance. Bindu also said that Magadh’s Samrat should be a person whom people can trust, with whom people are attached and can understand that he/she will not go wrong neither for sake of them nor for sake of himself.

Sushim became so angry with this and Bindu said that despite Ashoka is the Daasi Putra people wants to see Ashoka as the successor and Rani Dharma as Raj Mata. Charu tries to say something but he stopped her. And Sushim asked Charu to stay away from these words. And Bindusaar asked to Sushim that Bindusar and Mourya announces Ashoka as his successor and very soon we will do the Samrat Ashoka’s Rajya-Abhishek (Coronation). Bindu also said to Sushim that and it would be better for you if you accept Ashoka as the successor of the Magadh.

Helena also became unhappy to see Ashoka’s victory as she thinks this one is the victory of Chanakya but Bindu explain her that Ashoka has been declared as the successor of Magadh and now his coronation will be done. Helena said now to Ashok that I’m also blessings you for your successor journey and do your best.

Bindusaar happy to see Helena’s gesture and Ashoka also reached to the court room where he witness there is a lion. Ashoka seeks blessings from his Nana Ji and now Ashoka is being prepared for his coronation.

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