KumKum Bhagya 4th March 2016 : Abhi Try To Convince Pragya For Divorce !

The last night episode of the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” stats with Tanu is getting scared from the blackmailer as Tanu speaks rudely with the blackmailer. So now the blackmailer suggested her that the blackmailer will be reveal everything to Tanu as well the blackmailer till now not interested in talking with Tanu.

 Kumkum Bhagya

So Tanu is now worry and in mission to convince the blackmailer and Alia already asked to her that she is being busy with her projects so she is right now unable to help Tanu now. Tanu can’t take help from Nikhil unless her secret will be reveal. So Tanu decides to take help from Pragya.

Pragya also pretends like stranger in the front of Tanu and said that she is not interested on Abhi. She only wants to collect lot of money now. And gives her nod to help Tanu but in the secret Pragya plan something different to reveal Tanu.

In the mean time, the entire Bhalla family has been now seen in the dining table to have dinner but Abhi didn’t come here as in his room Abhi is keep thinking about how to seek divorce from Pragya.

Abhi get a call from an unknown number and the person in the call says that somebody is betraying Abhi. Abhi get shocked. Tanu and Nikhil got terrified but right now to seek divorce from Pragya it is more important for Abhi.

So Abhi decides to speak about his divorce to Pragya. And in order to impress Pragya Abhi decorate the room Pragya tries to scare Tanu by telling her that she received a call from an unknown number. Tanu lies and says someone is blackmailing her. And also Tanu asked Pragya to help her. Till now Pragya does not rush to the Abhi’s room and Abhi is waiting for Pragya to speak about their divorce.

Now Pragya comes to Purab and says plan is successful. Pragya says Tanu got tensed and asked for her help. Tanu wonders why did Pragya agreed to help, and now Tanu became fishy about Pragya. Tanu thinks that Pragya is cleverer than Alia.

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