Diya Aur Baati Hum : Arzoo Says My Mission Will Start Now ! 4th Match 2016 Written Episode Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Diya Aur Baati Hum” starts with Meenakshi telling that Babasaa is worried about that medicine box and card. Vikram says to run her horses of her mind and find out who is that lady. Meenakshi gets an idea how she can find out that P named lady.


Children gets worried about Chulbul and asks Rahul where is Chulbul. Chhotu thinks why Arzoo called him here. Azoo comes and also thinks why Chhotu called her here. They both were holding a box. Chhotu asks why she called him. Chhotu says to Arzoo that Sandhya gives this box to handover it to Arzoo. Arzoo gets amazed and tells Sooraj that what Sandhya Jethani can give her.

Sooraj asked Arzoo not to think about it and just to open the box. So Arzoo now open the box and sees bike’s keys. Also Arzoo notice there is a letter kept. Arzoo looked on. Now Arzoo starts reading the leatter where the congratulations message written for Arzoo and Chothu. Also it is mentions that in this bike they will be go for first date after marriage. Arzoo became shy to see so at the same time to happy with these messages. She shares this with Chothu. Chothu is also seen happy with this.

Arzoo says to Chothu that really Suraj and Sandhya take care of her happiness but she always hurt them. Chhotu brings bike and Arzoo sits on it. They go but bike gets punctured. Somehow Chothu and Arzoo went for date but some boys taunts Arzoo. Chothu wanted to fight with these boys but Arzoo prevents him from doing so.

Chhotu and Arzoo sit near bonfire. Arzoo says she wants to play game. Chothu gives his nod. Sandhya also says sorry to Suraj because he didn’t trust Suraj and suspected Arzoo. Suraj says okay and he is happy with Arzoo and Chothu’s happiness.

Sandhya says today she got to know that Arzoo can’t read and write Hindi but then Arzoo writes Chhotu in Hindi on sand. Now Bhabho decides to send Arzoo back to Hyderabad.

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