Naagin 6th March 2016 : Shesha & Shivanaaya Creates Tornado To Stop Rithvik’s!

The last episode of the TV series “Nagin” starts with Shesha apply medicine in Gurudev Bhairavnath’s wounds. She is in deep thinking that there must be some connection between “Nagmani” and Rithik’s neck tattoo and Shesha decides to meet with her mother to know the truth.


Naagin 6th March 2016 Written Updates

Now Rithvik and Shivanaaya reached to the cave of Guru Maa where they see that lock has been kept. Now it is clears to the Rithvik and Shivanaaya that Rithvik is actually from the Rajvanshi and Shivanaaya realised that that is why she get attracted towards Rithvik.

In the mean time, Yamini and Ankush throw the portray actually in the river. And it is shown that Rithvik gives the Rings to the Gurumaa and says he found them in a cave and found chains and locks there. Yamini asks why he went there. Shivanya says they had gone to the Haveli to find out portrait.

Rithik says he gets dreams of him in raja’s attire and thinks the portrait wants to tell him something.

About this Ankush says he had made that portrait when he was in London; there is nothing special about it. Now the Gurumaa says she wants to do the Pooja first and they all gather near Havan. Guru Maa asked to the Raheja family where the Dhatura is.

Yamini says she will bring the Dhatura flowers and takes Ankush. She strangulates his neck and asks if Sangram Singh escaped and where is he now.

Now it is also shown that Ankush doesn’t wants Rithvik to meet with the Maali says he does not know. She says if Sangram meets his son Rithik, their secret will be out and if she is caught, she will not spare even him.

Now Sangram Singh try to enter Raheja house but Yamini shouts and calls Rithvik for help and says this man was trying to enter house and wants to harm them. Servants beat Sangram Singh. Ankush comes and sends servants in. Yamini asks Ankush to take Sangram Singh away from here. Rithik feels connection with his dad.

Precap: Yamini throws Sangram Singh from cliff. Snake captures Yamini and she calls Rithik for help Shivanya and Sesha create tornado to stop Rithik’s car.

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