Swadheenta is stuck on the way ! Dahleez 20th March 2016 Written Updates

The episode of the TV series “Dahleez” starts with Adarsh smiling seeing Swadheenta. She walks to him. Abhay gets Simmi’s call and says I told you something will happen. Adarsh is arriving now. Adarsh says I have to do just some warm up and asks Abhay to leave. Abhay leaves. Swadheenta asks to the Adarsh what he is really doing in the front of her house.


Dahleez 20th March 2016 Written Updates

Adarsh says I did not know that it is your house and I come here to discuss with you about your court case. . Meanwhile Swaadhenta met with Mishra ji and informed him that she is fighting against Ahuja construction. But unexpectedly the man said that he was not that Mishra whom she wanted to meet. He actually informed her there are two Mishras. Swadheenta urged that she needs to meet Mishra regarding few important documents concerning the case.
Swadheenta wanted to verify who the real owner of the land was. Meanwhile, Ahuja asked the real Mishra (with whom Swadheenta wanted to meet) to submit the file to the girl. But it was basically a plan. Instead Mishra said her to come tomorrow. When she said said that court hearing starts next day at 10 am, Mishra asked her not to worry as he will give the file next day which he intended not to do so in reality.

Another scene showed that Asad was hanging out with friends cracking jokes but on seeing a beautiful girl, he said that comedy classes over and romance started. The girl came there in search of history class but Asad’s friends kept making her fool by not answering it right where the history class was. At last Asad and that girl encountered directly with each other. Asad didn’t miss a chance to flirt with the girl but his uncle saw Asad outside class. His uncle taunted at Asad saying he doesn’t like boys who waste time.

Next day, Swadheenta reached land revenue department office and asked Mishra to submit files. But Mishra didn’t bring the file and knowingly kept her waited.

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