Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st March 2016 : Helena is associated with Unani’s!

In the last week episode of the historical come periodic TV show “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” it has been shown that Shubhrasi is thinking about the Drupad’s death. Ashoka comes there but Subhrasi drive him away from the place. Now Ashok is decids that he will be find the real person who killed his brother Draupad and Ashoka also said this to Shubrasi by keeping his knees down in front of her. He will do justice with Drupad.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21th March 2016 Written Updates

In the Rajdarbar, now it is decided to call the Mahatama. In the front of the Mahatma now it is Ashoka and Kuaurvaki come there. Bindu says he is happy to see him there. Bindu also said something heartbreaking to the Ashok that it is Bindu is ashamed of the people like Ashok.

Ashoka says he can never do this. Sushim, Helena, Siamak says Bindu to punish Ashoka but Bindu thinks that Ashok need to give his logic about this as without hearing the logic I can’t give punishment to the any person.

Ashok says to the Bindu that I am not scared of the punishment if I deserve I will be having it. Everyone call me hear Daasi Putra no body believe me as son of the Magadh but now this Daasi Putra will be showing his worth and innocence. Ashoka goes emotional with his speech but Bindu became angry and leave the stage.

Ashok also said to Bindu that if you want to kill me then please kill me with this arrow as it was the arrow which killed Draupad. Now Bindu take the arrow and he is now ready to shoot Ashok. Ashok is ready to face the arrow so he now stands in the front of the Bindu’s arrow.

Dharma cries with this and try to stop Ashok and Bindu, but Ashok stopped his mother Dharma and asked her to stay away from it. You need to follow this as it is command of the Samrat. So Dharma take back steps but broken down was she.

Now when Bindu shooted the arrow on Ashok, it goes on the other direction and Bindu shocked to see this. Ashok says this is not an ordinary arrow it is often changed its direction when it shoots and there is also poison in this arrow, the arrow is not from the Magadh, in fact it has been brings from some other place.

Now Bindu realised that it was planned to kill Samrat actually which is also clears by the Radha Gupta, and in this process Draupad has been killed. Now Ashoka decides to find the real person who killed Draupad!

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