21st March 2016 : Abhi and Tanu in drunken state! Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates

Usually on the Sunday the one of the popular TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” doesn’t telecast but this weekend it is most loving “Kumkum Bhagya” has been aired as the show finally reached to the celebration of Holi which is all set to rejoiced by the makers for the audiences.

 kumkum bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2016

The Holi celebration in the daily soap is literally amazing, loving and entertaining. But it is loads of the twists and turns are all set to keeps butterfly in the stomach of the audiences.

So the of the “Kumkum Bhagya” starts with showing that Pragya is busy organized a party for Holi celebration where she invites Abhi and also challenged him that to Abhi making it sure that he should attend the party. Now in the party the Dadi decided to manipulate the Tanu. Actually right now Pragya is in mission along with Purab, Aakash and Dadi to expose Tanu and Nikhil. Just they are right now is in wait for Abhi to arrives.

Abhi gave an awesome entry in the form of kidnappers and decided to steal everything. He pointed the gun towards Pragya and when he trigger on the gun it is colorful water comes out from the gun. And then he leaved his mask and shockingly it is reveals that he is Abhi who is busy doing pranks on the Mehra house members.

Abhi and Pragya played Holi and everyone was happy to see them together. But Abhi feels sceptical why he is having good time with Pragya instead of Tanu. Abhi thinks he is in love with Tanu then why he is not missing Tanu and Tanu is also disappeared from the scene.

Now about this Abhi thinks that he is here in the Holi party with Pragya as he is keen to win the challenged which Pragya put on him. Pragya and Abhi had some romantic time together and they recalled their past loving time and eventually both Pragya and Abhi has been looked on at the each other lovingly.

After Holi plays it is Abhi takes shower and now Tanu arrived who argued Abhi to play Hoil with her but Abhi denied that he is now done with the Holi plays and all that.

Now Tanu argued Abhi to play Holi with her as she is now pregnant with Abhi’s kid. So now Abhi putted some color on Tanu. Then Nikhil came there and asked Tanu to meet with him in an isolated area.

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