Swaragini 21st March 2016 Episode Written Update

The last week episode of the most popular show “Swaragini” starts with Ragini asking Maheshwari family to come out. Swara looks at Sanskar. Sanskar asks her not to cry, and be strong. He says these tears can’t weaken you. Swara said she is just hope everything will be goes fine in her family.


Swaragini 21st March 2016 Written Updates

Now Laksh goes inside and cries to seek apologizing to his dad Durga Prasad. He says I did a very big mistake, and don’t deserve your forgiveness. But still I hope you guys will be forgiving me. Ram says okay at least you have realized your mistake; we will deal with this tragedy with staying united. Laksh says no one can harm our family now. And Laksh now sit down.

Durga Prasad forgives Laksh and hugs him. Durga Prasad says you was my trust, and will be my trust forever. I am happy to see that you comeback. Adarsh also forgives Laksh and says I can’t be angry with you. He asks what you have done. Kavya….

Laksh was about to speak something about Kavya but before that Sanskar arrived there and he hugs Laksh. Laksh started crying but Sanskar says it’s okay. You come back, now the Maheshwari family is completed now. Now in the Maheshwari family it is shown that the Maheshwari family is appeared together.

They think that Kavya has been died but still this is not revealing that Laksh has killed Kavya. Now Sujata switch on the TV and shocked to see that Kavya appeared on it as a ghost, and says now new episode is yet to telecast today which is….Kavya ka Katil kaun (Who is Kavya’s murderer).

Kavya said this will be reveals that it is actually who killed Kavya. Laksh became sacred to see this and changed arrived in his behaviour. He moves now to an isolated area.

Now Swara reached towards TV set to find something but suddenly TV get bursts. Sanskar holds Swara, asked her are you okay. Swara said I’m okay but Swara realised that there must be something evil planned of the Kavya lies here and she is not died. Swara thinks it is useless to blame Laksh as Laksh is an innocent.

On the other hand, Kavya has been seen doing evil planned against the Maheshwari family and Laksh. Kavya speaks with her brother that she is trapped Laksh in a evil way in which even if Swara and Ragini will be trying to save Laksh, they can’t!!!

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