Adaarsh Encourage Swadhinta ! Dahleez 21st March 2016 Written Updates

The Episode starts with media asking Swadheenta what will she do in 2 days, atleast speak up here, you are not in court, will you get evidence against Ahuja. Swadheenta sees Prakash and Ratna….. Swadheenta gets sad and leaves from the court. Manohar sees this on news and smiles. Jaideep and Adarsh come to Manohar. Adarsh sees the news and gets shocked. Manohar gives Mr. Mehta’s file to Adarsh, and tells about the business. Jaideep asks Adarsh to forward this file in home ministry. Manohar says Mehta should get this tender at any cost. Adarsh keeps the file and says sorry, I can’t do this work, its against my principles. Manohar and Jaideep shockingly look at each other.


Dahleez 21st March 2016 Written Updates

Manohar says principles do not matter in democracy, if you give favor to anyone, then return…. Adarsh says I don’t give or take favors.. Jaideep asks do you have a clue what you are saying, do you know where can you reach by Mehta’s help. Adarsh says I don’t need Mehta to reach anywhere, Mehta who does work illegally. Manohar says it means you are refusing me. Adarsh says Mehta wants tender, he should bid for it. Manohar says I think you are in wrong profession, you should be in any NGO, thanks for coming. Adarsh says sorry and leaves. Jaideep says dad, let me talk to him. Manohar says no use, Adarsh has become IAS, but his thinking is still small, loser…. Adarsh hears these bitter words and leaves.

Swadheenta is on the way and upset. She recalls the court trial. Adarsh is on the way and upset. She passes by his car and they do not see each other. She sits in some park. Asad messages her congrats to clear first hearing and asks for party. Adarsh talks to mom, and says don’t know why dad and Bhai want me to do this, you know I became bureaucrat to clean/change the system, how did you know my mood is bad. She says I m your mother, you also cheer me up when my mood is bad. He says love you mom. She says love you, bye and ends call.

Mamu calls Swadheenta and says you got 2 days time, you will shine, don’t worry, I know you are not caring for your victory or failure, you are thinking of farmers, I have break now, I was thinking to take you to farmers, but wherever you are, go to meet the farmers. She asks how to meet their eyes. He says time is bad, not intentions, you know it well that bad time fails infront of good intentions. She says yes. She ends call and leaves from the park.

The farmers have a talk that lawyer was unable to say anything in court. Swadheenta comes there to meet them. She greets them. The farmers are angry on her. She says I know we lost, this is beginning of the case, I promise…. The farmer says you won’t do anything, you did not speak a word in court and came to promise. She says we have 2 days time. Prakash asks what will happen in 2 days. She says it can decide failure or victory, I assure Ahuja won’t win. The farmer says you said this last time, this won’t matter to you, but we and our children will lose our homes and come on road. They all leave.

Swadheenta sees the girls making some house, and sits near them. The girl asks why is this breaking, Amma says our homes will break, is this true. Swadheenta says no, none’s home will break.

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