Swara Goes In Search Of Tanya! Swaragini 22nd March 2016 Written Updates

The TV series “Swaragini” last episode starts with the Annapoorna, is shocked to hear about the house number 211, and now recalled about the old business partner of the Maheshwari is Malhotra. She tells Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) and Swara (Helly Shah) about Malhotra’s kids, who were broken down totally after sudden demise of their parent’s death.


Swaragini 22nd March 2016 Written updates

Annapoorna also discuss with Swara about their parent’s death, a servant took care of the two kids, but died after Tanya burnt the house. The boy went to the boarding school, and the girl got close to Lakshya and was living with them. In the mean time, the girl Tanya falls in love with Lakshya.

Now Annapurna elaborate the total story to the Swara and says that it is Tanya killed the servant while playing and she has been dragged by the police in the juvenile cell where she spends her painful childhood. So she thinks it is the Maheshwari family and Lakshya is behinds her life ruining.

Hence now Taniya is comeback as Kavya to seek revenge from the Lakshya and the Maheshwari family. Swara is shocked to hear the story.

Swara also gets to know that Tanya was shifted to Krishnavati jail, as her six months jail terms was still remaining. Now Swara meets with Aradhya’s (from the show Krishnadasi) to help her. It is due to the TV series “Swaragini” and “Krishnadaasi” merged with each other in a single episode. But, when she reaches Krishnavati, she wasn’t able to contact Aradhya initially, as Swara was not allowed to go near Aradhya for the right now.

Now Swara gets anxious and pledge to the jailore to let her meet with Aradhya, and gradually in a suitable time now Aradhya forcefully enters into the police station. Swara with the help of Aradhya finds out about Tanya, but it is disappointing for the Swara that neither she get chance to meet with Kavya in the jail nor she catches the glimpses of the Kavya.

In fact, it is due to the good behaviour of Tanya; it is Tanya was released from the jail, even before Swara went there in the Krishnavati!

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