“Airlift” 5th-Week Worldwide Collection Surpassed Rs. 220 Cr in 35 Days of Business

The year started well with the release of this movie. This is the great gift from the Akshay Kumar to his fans for the new year. It has raked strong words of mouth from the audiences and positive reviews also boosted the performance. The worldwide gross business of the it has surpassed the Rs. 200 Cr and it has already recovered the whole in just 1 week.


Airlift 5th Week Box Office Collection

The other new release of Sonam Kapoor’s “Neerja” has provided minimal competition to the flick and also decreased the screen count of 200 after the completion of 5th-week. Now, it will further decrease with the starting of 6th-week. After that much time of release, the drop in the business is normal. The prime time for every production of the Bollywood industry is 7 days of release. During this period, most of the movie with good content recover the whole investment and start making money for the producers.

Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, the movie’s theatrical run is about to end as lots of good content productions are releasing nowadays. The amount which it has collected is much more the expectations of the lead actor Akshay Kumar and other filmmakers.

The most lovable movie genre of the industry is the one which is based on the true event. This movie is one of them which is based on the biggest airlift for the evacuation of Indian stuck during the Kuwait-Iraq war of 1990 by the commercial pilots. And the commercial pilots doesn’t have any experience of flying an airplane at the time of the war conditions.

The director has started his directorial career with this movie and the first of him has achieved a lot. Not only for him, it is also the one of the best films of the Akshay Kumar of all time. The net worldwide business of the movie is now Rs. 150 Cr (approx.) after excluding the distributor share and budget.

Nowadays, it is collecting almost same amount as it is for Sunny Deol’s “Ghayal Once Again”. The Sunny Deol starrer movie has completed the 3rd-week and this flick has completed 5th week. The former is going low because of the low response from the overseas market and huge competition in the domestic market.

Airlift 5th Thursday Box Office Collection – Rs. 16 Lakhs*

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