‘Fan’ trailer release: Here’s how Shah Rukh Khan’s fans can watch it live


Shah Rukh Khan is one of the few stars who enjoys interacting with his fans, and come Feb. 29 he will sit with roughly 4,000 of them to watch the “Fan” trailer at the Yash Raj Films studio, Mumbai. The production house doesn’t allow too many people in the premises, this is a first for them.

“An audio-visual sensor, Fan-o-meter, will unlock the trailer automatically when it detects the highest level of the sound (refers to people cheering at the venue). Around 120 decibels is required to unlock it,” a source told Hindustan Times (Feb. 26, Mumbai). This unique promotional activity comes right after the makers have won hearts with regional versions of the “Jabra Fan” song.

The Maneesh Sharma directorial, which is scheduled for an April 15 release, is a special film for both the filmmaker and the superstar. SRK got the opportunity to relive his younger days as the thriller-drama took him back to Delhi, and Maneesh made his dream-film with his idol.

While the team is thrilled and hopeful that their labour of love will make a mark, fans cannot stop gushing about the fact that it’s not just another fan-meets-superstar story. From what has been reported so far, “Fan” will see Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh) and his doppelganger-fan Gaurav Chandana fight it out in the climax scene.

“Shah Rukh has balanced both roles very nicely. It’s difficult to play both sides of the spectrum but in Fan, he’s understood the psychology of both the characters really well. In fact, there’s an action sequence in the end of the film where I just could not decide whose side I am on,” Namrata Rao, editor, “Fan,” told DNA last month.


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