Khatro Ke Khiladi 7: Vivan Bhathena proves his mettle! 7th February 2016 Episode

Stunt based TV channel Colors reality TV show “Khatron Ke Khiladi” constantly delivering stunts by its dare devil participents which is huge entertaining for the audiences. But this weekend audiences will be witnessing something unusual in the stunt based show apart from stunt. It will be Vivan-Jay clash out!


Khatro Ke Khiladi 7: 4th Episode 7th February 2016

Usually “Khatron Ke Khiladi” actually shows the different sides of our favourite celebs so no wonder if now it shows different side of Vivan and Jay. There is nothing exception anyway this week on it.

As per report TV stars Tina Dutta and Parvathy Omnakuttan will be all set to seen performing a daredevil act in the upcoming episode of the stunt based show.

The sources say while the shooting of a particular act both Red Team and Blue Team down with a heated argument which turns out to be big fight. Tina also faces some hindrances and obstacles while performing the stunts. Jay Bhanushali pointed out the mistakes and says she needs to disqualify but Vivan Bhatena, thinks that Tina doesn’t deserve to be disqualify.

Moreover, Vivan support Tina, being team member of Vivan so heated argument took place.

Other than tonight Vivan Bhaten will be also seen doing a dare devil acts which is breathtaking stunts also. The host of the show Arjun Kapoor is also impressing with Vivan and counted him as one of the best player of the show.

Vivan is also impresses with the hosting style of Arjun and Vivan stated to media about Arjun’s style of hosting that, “Arjun is the best thing that happened to ‘KKK.’ He knows how to motivate you, and, at the same time, he doesn’t discourage you or lecture you when you are unable to do a stunt. In fact, he makes you believe that it is achievable. The best thing is that he tries out the stunts as well”.

Vivan Bhatena’s breathtaking stunt will be based on some kind of water and he have to perform his act in the water by holding his breath. It will be interesting to see how Vivan will be performing the stunt.

Catch the entire episode of “Khatro Ke Khiladi” tonight at 9:00 PM only on Colors TV!!!

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