15th March 2016 : Kavya Plans To Trap Swara! Swaragini Written Update

The yesterday night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” starts with the Pooja ceremony is going in the Maheshwari house. Kavya comes there with a request that she wants to be part of the Pooja ceremony too. Sujata is in no mood to allow her but Annapurna gives her nod on this.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th March 2016 Full Episode


Swaragini 15th March 2016 Written Updates

Later Annapurna looked at the Lengha brought by Sujata for Parineeta and Swara. Swara and Parineeta praise the Lengha. Suddenly Kavya comes to take Sujata’s blessing and Kavya admires the jewelry and all that like the heavy necklace. Sujata puts her away calling the necklace very costly but Annapurna asked Sujata to keep the necklace here.

Despite Ragini’s marriage has been fixed she is keep thinking about Lakshay and the groom’s family found her some fishy. Sumi said we can’t approve Ragini’s marriage right now first we need to seek her approval. Now the groom family come to see Ragini and they became very impressed with the Ragini’s beauty and her singing quality.

Ragini is not happy with this marriage but she is not able to say anything in the front of the groom’s family. And the groom’s family and the groom give their nod for the marriage with Ragini. Ragini looked on with this. Sujata speaks with Swara that she is having bad feeling as how Kavya is behaving good with the Maheshwari family since morning.

Swara also thinks about it. Eventually Swara realised that it was Kavya intentionally puts her Dupatta on the fire. Lakshay sees this and run towards her gradually the crackers has been burst which has been planned by Kavya herself and Kavya fall down then.

Annapurna had been shocked to see so and Swara asks Uttara to call doctor whereas Kavya creates a scene which indicates that the Maheshwari family has been planned to kill her.

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