Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th March 2016 : Ashoka shoots an arrow to Samrat!

The periodic historical TV series “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” episode starts with the Tantrik tells to Sushim that he can go back if he has no trust on the Vidya of the Tantrik. Tantrik suggests him that we need to ruin the present first if we are in plan to ruin the future. Tantrik says to Sushim that he will be defeats Ashoka definitely but he needs to keep faith on the Tantrik Vidya first.

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 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th March 2016 Written Updates

Now Sushim knees down to Tantrik. And now the Tantrik gives him something like ash and says it is biggest hindrance of your life and it will be going from your life. Sushim thinks to defeat Ashoka. Now Bindu & Dharma are sleeping in a room but suddenly there is an attack happened on the Bindu. Then Dharma wakes up. Sigh it was just a dream of the Dharma.

Drupad wishes himself happy birthday and thinks that Maa must be making Laddus and he is now ready to visit the Rajdarbar. Drupad thinks that his Maa will be also wishing him, along with his father. Now Dharma gives the Prashad to Bindu and Drupad, eventually they both leaved. Helena says to Siamak to stay away from the Ashoka till we would not find the killer of Chankya.

Drupad joined them but Siamak says to him that he will not waste his time her and he leave. Drupad become sad with this treatment of the Siamak. Sushim gives the Ashes to Charu and says if Dharma drinks water with these Ashes she will surely kill the Samraat.

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But Drupad finds something fishy about Saimak and Sushim and he seems that they are in dangerous plan perhaps. In the mean time, Drupad asked to Bindu that nobody wish him on his birthday about this Bindu says Ashoka planned a birthday surprise for you.

So now Drupad rush towards Dharma to seek her blessings and Draupad asked Dharma to blessed him with her hands and in the mean time, the glass of the milk in which the Ashes were mixed gone wrong and by mistake Charu drinks the same instead of the Dharma and Charu fall down.

This conspiracy was creates by Sushim to make Dharma killing Samrat but nothing happened like that. So now Sushim became angry. Sushim thinks everything has gone wrong due to Drupad. So sushim decided to seek revenge from the Drupad.

Drupad demands to become Nanhe Samraat for one day and it would be his birthday gift. Dharma became very happy with this and announced it as a news.

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