Siya Ke Ram: Kaikeyi Talks About Ram Vanvaas! 15th March 2016 Episode Written Update

Siya Ke Ram: Kaikeyi Talks About Ram Vanvaas!

Now Ram and Sita enter into the “Sabhagrah” the entire kingdom has seen happy, now the Guru Vashisth says the entire people to take their seat for the Rajya Abhishek. Now Ram and Sita sit on their “Singhasan”, now Kaushalya and Sumitra arrive to do the Rajtilak Ram. The Guru Vashisth says the all formalities have been done.

Now the Gurudev is looking forward for the Dasharath as Dasharath need to be present in the crown ceremony. Dashrath goes to the Kaikeye’s room and shocked to that the entire stuffs have been broken down and now he asked about it to the Dassi about Kaikeye. Dassi says she is in the Kumbh Bhavan. Dashrath goes to Kumbh Bhavan and asks her to come to witness the Ram’s coronation as this one is the happy moment for the kingdom.

Siya Ke Ram 15th March 2016 Tuesday Episode Written Update

siya ke ram

Now Dashrath says to Kaikeye to see outside Ayodhya is very happy at this moment, leave this Kumbh Bhavan and come with me. Kaikeye asks him do you remember when you fought with Asurs and I helped you to win the battle, and you gave me two Vardaans, Dasharath says yes I remember everything but you did not take Vardaan at that time.

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Kaikeye says yes I am happy for the Ram’s Rajya Abhishek but it’s time for me to have my two Vardans, Dashrath speaks happily that tell me about your two wishes I will fulfil them right now. Kaikeye says I will ask if you swear Ram to fulfil the Vardans. So now Dasharath swears Ram.

Devi Parvati says to Mahadev that this is Ayodha’s destruction, I can’t witness this. Narayan’s said that the Anger and Adhram enter there, in the human society. Surpankha welcomed Ravan and did his Tilak and Aarti.
Surpanakha says she is very happy that her brother has arrived in the home; Ravan says that he is going for Vishwavijya right now. He is on his way to attend the Danavlok ceremony.

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Now Dashrath asked Kaikeye to tell him two wishes, Kaikeye reminds him that he is having Ram’s sworn to full fill that. Dashrath says I remember my sworn. Kaikeye asks for her first wish is that her son Bharat to become the king of Ayodha.

And second wish is that she wants Ram to send in 14 years for the Vanvas for Ram. Now Dasharath shockingly looked on the Rani Kaikeye.

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