Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Dhaani comes to Shalu’s marriage function! 15th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Dhaani comes to Shalu’s marriage function! 

In the last night episode of the daily soap “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” it has been shown that, the ladies are keep dancing in the marriage function. Now Viplav also join them and started dancing with the ladies. Now Sushma arrived there and Dasharath also come.

Dhaani comes to Shalu’s marriage function!  15th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

ishq ka rang safed

Now Viplav dances with Shalu and Raja. And eventually then the sketch artiste comes and he was holding Dhaani’s sketch and now he is all set to show it to the Viplav. Now Kanak is busy with the Mehendi ceremony, but it is the sketch gets who ruined the Mehendi ceremony literally, seems like that.

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Now the sketch artist makes the sketch falls on the floor. Everyone looks on and became anxious. About this Viplav says it is a sketch. Now Raj Lakshmi sings a song for this marriage occasion. The entire family is in now happy mood. Now suddenly Raj Lakshmi falls on Dhaani and her Saree gets torn which is considered as something very inauspicious thing to have happened.

Badi Amma says about this that we need to become modern now. Now Kanak shows Shalu’s wedding dress to her mother-in-law and Shalu became very happy with this. Now Sushma says to Viplav to tear his Kurta as it will be the part of Rasam. Raja’s mum says to the Kanak that she is very happy with this marriage.

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Viplav tells to Raja to perform the clothes tearing ritual. Raja answers Viplav that he is in no mood to do this ritual about which Viplav looks on.

When Viplav asks to Raja’s mum why Raja doesn’t want to this ritual, Raja’s mum said he is very modern kind of the person. But Raja in his heart planned to tears the love of the Viplav in to 2 pieces and she is Suman. Now Dulaari is sacred because of yesterday incident, meanwhile, Shalu prepares all the food in the kitchen which has been recording by Viplav in Shalu’s camera.

Now when Viplav try to know about Raja it was all set to reveal that Raja and his family is accused of the scam, but Viplaav did not get to know these all. Now the marriage time of the Shalu and Raja has been come.

Viplav said to Sushma and Dasharath that all the wedding arrangements have been done. Dasharath asks to him that is the groom is the ready? Viplav said yes, and he also decided to show the groom’s face to the Dhaani as he is her Nandosi. Now Raja and keeps the phone down, and goes. Raja comes and looks at Dhaani through the video call.

Dhaani is shocked to see that the groom is the Raja. Dhaani realised that Shalu’s life will be ruin if she will marry with Raja.

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