Suhani Si Ek Ladki : Rags gets angry and Barbie smiles! 23rd March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Suhani Si Ek Ladki : Rags gets angry and Barbie smiles! 23rd March 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the last episode of the soap opera “Suhani Si Ek Ladki” we saw that Suhani was looking for Pratima and when Yuvraaj and others asked for Pratima, Suhani says to them that probably her mom Pratima has been gone for the “Chaar Dhaam Yatra”. Suhani gave an excuse that Maa has gone to Lord to pray for the welfare of our family. Suhani did not reveal to them that it is Barbie said that she has been kidnapped Pratima.


Now Suhani started crying in her room thinking about her mom and she is thinking that I made a mistake of thinking to have child through the concept called surrogacy. And now because of that Barbie is able to ruin our life.

Even it was Barbie who has been trying to kill me. Suhani wonder why Barbie does this. Why she wants to ruin my and Yuvraaj’s life. Whether she is after money or Yuvraaj, is Barbie is in love with Yuvraaj. Suhani thinks these all.

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In tonight episode we will see that Suhani was about to confess everything to Yuvraaj but suddenly Barbie arrived and asks Yuvraaj that Dadi is calling him. Suhani manipulated the matter by saying that she is worry to see Yuvraaj’s anger. Barbie asked her goons to keep Pratima hungry.

Barbie warned Suhani to stay away from Yuvraaj as she is in love with Yuvraaj and want to be with him for the rest of her life. Suhani goes shocked to hear so. Now Suhani warned Barbie that when Yuvraaj will come to about you that you kidnapped my mom Pratima, she will drive you away from the house.

Now Yuvraaj arrived and Barbie holds Yuvraaj’s hand and Barbie goes jealous. Suhani was sad to hear that Barbie loves Yuvraaj. Along with her Yuvraaj also started crying. Now Suhani and Yuvraaj spent some time together and Barbie goes angry to see so and asked Suhani to stay away from Yuvraaj.

Suhani said that once she will get her baby she will move out from the house. On that Yuvraaj goes shocked and asked what she is talking about and where she is moving and Barbie now do her drama that she is here to give birth to the kid and eventually her plan is to leave.

As afterward, it is Yuvraaj will have to stay with Suhani. Suhani looked on and Barbie smiles in her hearts. Yuvraaj looked on.

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