Thapki Pyaar Ki :Bihaan gets shocked! 23rd March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Thapki Pyaar Ki :Bihaan gets shocked! 23rd March 2016 Episode Written Updates

he melodrama of the TV series “Thapki Pyaar Ki” is going very strong these days in which a situation will be arising which will be compelling Thapki to divorce Bihaan and this evil is the mind game of the no one else Vasundhara. Actually Vasundhara Bihaan’s foster mother wanted to make divorce between Thapki and Bihaan.


In the last episode of the TV series “Thapki Pyar Ki” it has been shown that Bihaan wake up from his bed and his father thanked Vasundhara for giving blood to Bihaan. Vasundhara pretends that she has not done anything and everything was done by Thapki as Thapki is right now in court to take some decision. Bihaan is still do not aware from the anything.

Now Biaan is comeback in his hope in hope to see that Thapki will be there to welcome him.Bihaan is very happy to see that his whole family is with you. The entire Bhalla family was happy to see Bihaan at home. Then a boy comes in the house with all the stuff for Holi like colours and others. Then Bihaan ask him to came in and show the Holi stuffs. Bihaan is excited for the Holi.

Now Bihaan was rush towards his dad to speak with him about Holi and all that but Bihaan’s dad said that this time nobody will be playing the Holi in the Pandey house. Bihaan shocked to hear so.

Bihaan said no dad we will celebrates Holi please allow us to do so. On the tonight episode it will shown that there Bihaan and Thapki will start falling for each other. Bihaan will be very happy that Thapki saved her life and how she reacted in the restaurant. Today in Thapki Pyar Ki there will be a Holi celebration in which everyone was celebrating it as it is festival of the colours. Bihaan will come to Thapki and put some color on her face on wishes her Happy Holi with smile on his face.

On that Thapki replied to Bihaan that she wants divorce from Bihaan. On that Bihaan goes shocked and asked to her why she is saying so. Now Thapki pretends that she got frustrated with Bihaan now she is unable to live with Bihaan. Bihaan get hurt to hear so and broken down.

Thapki’s heart was totally broken but she keep insulting Bihaan and Bihaan was here to propose her but he comeback with a broken heart and Thapki leave now.

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