Shagun’s Entry After Leap ! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2016 Written Updates

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Ishita that love is in friendship too. Ishita says I m very lucky to get Mani, you and Vivaan, but I have left many relations behind, I m happy that I m here, I don’t know how will be my daughter, I tried to forget everything, but I can’t. Pihu, Neelu and Mrs. Bhalla reach the temple. Pihu steps on the ground bare feet and does drama that she got hurt. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to pray. Mrs. Bhalla smiles.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2016 Written Updates

Ishita says I don’t know how will be my daughter, its tough for a daughter to be away from mother, I m very happy to have you with me, but I left my daughter there, that feeling of incompleteness kills me. Pihu takes the aarti plate saying she has to do repentance. She screams and says I got hurt, I will do Mata Darshan by walking on these stones. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, give me the plate. Shagun comes and holds Pihu’s foot.

She smiles. Pihu says mumma, you here… Shagun says yes, how can this happen that my daughter’s foot gets hurt, and I don’t reach here, I will take you to temple. Pihu says no, I will walk on the stones. Shagun says I will do your repentance. Pihu checks her bangles and asks her to wear bangles in both hands. She checks her accessories, sindoor and then applies bindi to her, saying filmi lines. Shagun thanks her for teaching her, and lifts her. Pihu says see Dadi is getting senti seeing our love. Mrs. Bhalla says even I know acting like you. They say Jai mata Di and go to temple.

Its morning, Amma asks Appa to get few items, pandit will come to do puja. Appa gives Ishita and Ruhi’s pics. They get sad that even after 7 years, the sorrow is same. She says Raman and Ishita’s fight made the families apart. Appa says Romi and Mihika also made matter worse, I feel we should atleast meet Pihu. Amma says yes, she is last sign of Ishu, but she is Raman’s support, Shagun loves Pihu a lot, like Ishita loved Ruhi. Amma says Ishita will be happy seeing Pihu happy.

Ishita sees Ruhi’s pic and cries. She recalls Ruhi. Tere dil se mere dil ka…… plays……………. She recalls her marriage with Raman. She recalls her newborn baby and Ruhi’s death. She says I miss you every moment, no one will forgive me in that house.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Raman on phone about Ruhi’s barsi. She says as you wish, I will make Mr. Bhalla sit in puja, I wanted you to sit in puja, when are you coming home. He ends call. Simmi says why did you try, he made excuse and left today, he does not want to remember this day, he lost two persons whom he loved the most. Mrs. Bhalla says I miss Ruhi, when I see Pihu, I forget its Pihu, not Ruhi, but I miss Ruhi and Ishita a lot, we should do Ishita’s barsi too. Simmi says Raman said we will not talk about Ishita, Pihu should not know about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says but doing this will not make her out of our memories.

Simmi says Pihu looks like our Ruhi, she is Ruhi and Ishita’s shadow, we got both in Pihu, stop crying, we have to do puja for Ruhi’s soul peace. They cry. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Ananya. Simmi says Ananya will come, Parmeet’s parents like to spend time with Ananya. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ruhi’s pic.

Aaliya calls Ishita and says Appa is fine, I know your tears won’t stop today. Ishita says no, I m fine. Aaliya says I know you well. Ishita says I know, I was crying, but not now, promise. Aaliya says I called to say Appa is fine, doctor gave slow pain killers, he is sleeping. Ishita says call me if you need me there.

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