14th February 2016 : Shivanaya To Kill Sailesh! Naagin Written Updates

The last night episode of the supernatural come horror TV series starts with Shivanaaya is all set to enter in the Shiv Mandir. But while going in the Shiv Mandir, Shivanaaya got scared to see there is a big Pythone and the Pythone is all set to attack on Shivanaaya for the purpose of killing her.


Naagin 14th February 2016 Written Updates

But Shivanaaya dare to enter in the Shiv Mandir by chanting Lord Shiva’s name. Meanwhile, Shesha emulates Shivanaaya’s form and she is being with Rithvik for the meanwhile, to let finish Shivanaaya her work and aim. Suddenly Shesha/ Shivanaaya got scared to see a big Pythone and she embraces Rithvik.

Rithvik jokes with her that she is always looking forward to have chance to hug Rithvik. Anyhow Shivanaaya completes her work and she get to know that Shesha embrace Rithvik which makes her sad. Anyway in the Shiv Mandir it is with the blessings of Lord Shiva Shivanaaya actually gets cure.

Meanwhile, Guru Maa’s Tapasya became fail in the Kaali Mandir, now Guru Maa is unable to recognise “Nagin” even if she appears in front of Guru Maa. So she is starts doing Tapasya again as she needs to do so.

Guru Maa informed Raheja family to stay beware the “Nagin” (Snakewoman) as she is still alive. In the mean time, Shivanaaya realised that whenever she feels pain Rithvik realised it as there is Nagvansh mark in his neck which makes him worthy to be connected with the “Nagins”.

Bhairavbnaath also asked Shesha to kill Rithvik as he is Ankush son but Shesha says that she can’t kill Rithvik. Anyway now the Valentine day celebrations are going on in the Rithvik and Shesha/ Shivanaaya’s life. Shesha thinks every night is beautiful for her as she is “Nagin” but Shesha still unable to understand why she is always attracted towards Rithvik.

In tonight episode of “Nagin” it will be shown that Shivanaaya will be killing Sialesh which will be actually witness by Rithvik. Rithvik is also going to disclose Shivanaaya’s fact in front of everyone.

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