Comedy Nights row: It’s Kapil Sharma v/s Colors but Dadi and Gutthi slapped with legal notice!

Ever since it was announced that Comedy Nights with Kapil was going off air, the growing differences between the channel Colors and Kapil Sharma and his CNWK team have come to the fore. First, they decided to bring in a new show Comedy Nights Bachao in place of CNWK and then, after Kapil shot for the last episode, they didn’t air it on time. Colors decided to air it a week later and that had sparked a huge outcry on the social network.

Following this, Krushna Abhishek replaced Kapil as the new host on a new show called- Comedy Nights Live. Desperately trying to cash in on Kapil’s formulaic comedy, Krushna and his team failed to create the same impact with their show. Result? TRPs dropped like crazy and it was evidence enough to say that the Comedy Nights ship was slowly sinking. Krushna, Bharti Singh, and even Colors CEO Raj Nayak lambasted Kapil for leaving the show while the comedian decided to stay silent. Instead, he gave them a severe blow when he announced his new show- Comedy Style – to be telecast at the same prime time slot as Comedy Nights Live. But on a rival channel.

Dadi and Gutthi slapped with legal notice!


Now that Kapil and Krushna will go head to head against each other, it’s game-on between the two comedians. But there’s something that Colors have done and the fight between them just got uglier. CNWK’s two of the most loved characters were Dadi and Gutthi. Ali Asgar and Sunil Grover who played the characters on the show have been slapped with a legal notice from the channel.

Why? The two stand-up artists are supposed to perform for a live show called Da-Bang in Surat on February 19. The show will be headlined by actor Salman Khan and his Kick co-star Jacqueline Fernandez. The confusion started when the producers of the live show wanted Ali and Sunil to perform in their CNWK avatars. They didn’t feel that they need to take permission from Colors but when the news reached Raj Nayak, he decided to send them a legal notice.

The notice doesn’t allow Ali or Sunil to perform as Dadi or Gutthi anywhere, irrespective of whether those outings are telecast on TV or not. According to the notice, Ali cant even perform as a normal old day with grey hair and a jooda and Sunil’s banned from wearing ribbons on her hair. Even a reflection of their CNWK characters will call for copyright infringement and that’s the kind of diktat spelled out in the legal notice handed over to the team.

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