Jai Gangaajal Official Trailer Released


We can easily say that we need someone like Priyanka Chopra to join our Police Force. She is the coolest FBI agent we have ever seen who is almost a superhuman because she can solve cases with a snap of her finger. If Quantico wasn’t enough, Priyanka will be seen kicking some serious butt in Jai Gangaajal as well. The first trailer has already made us realise that we are going to get the most badass female cop in Bollywood after Tejaswani (check it out on one of movie channels) and now the second one has just made us impatient to see it unfold. We have to agree it looks really interesting.

The trailer has almost unveiled the plot of the film. Abha Mathur a.k.a. Priyanka Chopra is shifted to this riotous place where politicians decide how much air you will breathe or should you breathe at all. Her honest approach to work which can get a bit crude at times, is becoming a roadblock for their free-living self. So they decide to break her, smother her and trouble her. But she doesn’t crumble and gives them back with a lot of dialogue baazi, drama and some really cool punches, physical ones! We also have to agree that she will be ably supported by some really incredible actors like Manav Kaul and Rahul Bhat.

Jai Gangajal Official Trailer

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