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The Tamil cinema “Anjala” is ready to hit theatre this weekend with bang. “Anjala” is an upcoming woman oriented the Tamil film which is directed by Thangam Saravanan and produced by Dhilip Subbarayan.

“Anjala” Movie Review


The film features Vimal and Nandita in the leading roles, whit the Southern musician Gopi Sunder roped to compose the music of the movie. The Stunt choreographer Dhilip Subbarayan thinks that Vimal, Nanditha and Pasupathi can delivered fabulous role in the movie and actually star cast of the “Anjala” delivered up to the mark performances.

The camera and the editing of the movie done by Praveen-Srikanth and music of the film have been composed by Gopi Sundar. Gopi Sundar has scored good music for the movie and story of the movie is very regular Southern background story which is a typical Tamil Masala flick. The film portrays story of the fight back of a family who’s ancestral tea shop yet to face some problems from the government.

With no such a huge star cast it is difficult for “Anjala” to survive in the Tamil cinema box office anyway and it will be receiving huge competition from Sidharth starrer “Jil Juing Juck”. Although due to the Valentine Week probably the film will be getting good feedback but still “Anjala” is not a romantic movie so it is not benefit of being Valentine Week.

Anyway, it will be interesting for the filmmakers of the movie “Anjala” to see what the audiences’ feedback will be for the movie. So just wait and watch for the movie!

“Anjala” Movie Official Trailer

Positive points of the movie “Anjala”:

  • The hype, buzz and promotions of the movie goes well
  • Direction and screenplay of the movie
  • Music of the movie is pleasant one

Negative points of the movie “Anjala”:

  • “Anjala” will be receives huge competition from “Jil Jung Juck”
  • The film can be promoted more well because of the massive completion

“Anjala”: Tamil Movie Details

Film: “Anjala”
Director : Thangam Saravanan
Producer: Dhilip Subbarayan
Writter :Thangam Saravanan
Starring : Vimal, Nandita and Pasupathy
Music : Gopi Sunder
Cinematographer : Ravi Kannan
Editor : Praveen K. L.
Production company : Farmer’s Master Plan Production,1st Copy Pictures
Genre: Masala entertainment
Rating: 3/5 

Final Verdict: It is a onetime okay to watch the movie “Anjala”!

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