9 Stupid Things Women Do At All Times And Regret Later

Women..ahh.. what a complex and beautiful creation of God. Their lives are not easy as it is, but over and above that they somehow manage to add a pile of complications of themselves. Fretting over ridiculousness is their forte. Not at all times, of course. But they have a few glorious moments of their own which needs personal attention. 

Here are some of them.

9 Stupid Things Women Do At All Times And Regret Later

1. When two Women ACCIDENTALLY sport the same dress


All hell breaks lose. They over-react in case any such situation occurs. Wearing the same dress is really not that big of an issue. But not really, if you know how to deal with it gracefully. 

2. Gossip queen

gossip queen

They have to talk about anything and everything at all times. And, of course, they talk about important stuff such as world peace. Nope! Just kidding.

3. Makeup going wrong


In such a situation, the world around them burns down to ashes and they turn into an evil ice queen.

4. Selfie addiction


Because taking selfies is what life is really about. (No it’s not. Come out of the zone)

5. Shopping at all hours


Money is earned to be spent on vital stuff such as shoes, earrings, clips, nail paints and not to forget, lipsticks. After the shopping spree, they often realize that they have spent more than their budget allowed them to.

6. Oh tantrums!


They’d say yes to every freaking thing as long as it suits their long list of requirements.

7. Chocolate love


The one true love of their life, indeed. There is another world outside your personal chocolate factory (aka your fridge).

8. Pamper them around the clock


You forget your anniversary? When you first kissed her? The first time you saw her? The first time you thought about her? Oh, you poor person. You’ll be missed. Sometimes your man needs some pampering as well.

9. He didn’t call for TWO whole minutes


I mean, two minutes is quite a long time if you consider that it has 120 seconds. Give him a break, girl.

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