How Good Your Concentration Is? Test Here!

Concentration is a funny thing. At least, mine is. While it works with unprecedented finesse in a strip club, when I am taking notes in the class, it seems pretty much absent. However, I have always believed that there must be some ground where you can test your concentration. Perhaps this test by the University of College London might well be that thing.

Come test your concentration Here…


1. Find the hidden O’s among the Q’s as fast as you can (in just a sight)


2. So the answer might have been real simple, yeah?


3. If your concentration levels are high, perhaps yes.


4. But is the answer so easy?


5. Okay now have you given up?


6. Perhaps your eyeballs are now hurting looking at the image


7. But don’t worry I was just messing with you


Your concentration is bad only if you looked at that spikey haired dude more than looking at the Q’S, and you might have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Otherwise you’re fine like that. Chuck Norris has approved


Comment below with your answers.

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