Naagin: Yami Says Shivaanya her true face came out! |13th January 2016 Episode Written Updates

In tonight episode of the supernatural comes horror TV series “Naagin” it will be shown that Shivaanya will be propose to Rithvik and she will be confess her love for him. Back then, Shivanaaya actually already fallen in love with Rithvik very earliest afterwards she became bride of him.

Naagin 13th January 2016 Episode Written Updates


But being an Ichchadhaari Nagin (Snake Woman) Shivanaaya has no right to falls in love with a human as when a “Nagin” falls in love with a human, “Nagin’s” end and death is confirm then. Shivanaaya’s sister Shesha also always makes her beware from doing so.

But now it is yet to show that Shivanaaya’s sister Shesha will be also probably falls in love with Rithvik. The interesting question is that when 2 sisters both Shivanaaya and Shesha both will falls in love with same person, what will be happen with their loving equation of 2 sisters.

In tonight episode of “Nagin” it will be shown that Shivanaaya will be drink a glass of milk in which Bhaangh is added and with this she will go intoxicated. With the situation of the intoxications it will be shown that, Shivanaaya will be propose Rithvik and say I love you to him. Shivanaaya will be also confess to him that she can’t stay without Rithvik while, Rithvik was busy carrying her in her room.

But it was not Rithvik, it was Shesha in disguise of Rithvik. Shesha will be very upset and shocked to know that now Shivanaaya fallen in love with Rithvik.

Shesha can’t control herself and it will be showcase in the coming episode of tonight that Shesha will be scolds Shivanaaya. Shesha will be asked her that Rithvik is not her husband. Rithvik is son of the person who killed your parents. You are hero of this story and mission.

You are being married to Rithvik as you need to seek revenge from your parent’s death and you want to have the “Nagmani” back. Shivanaaya feel guilt being falling in love with Rithvik.

To know what happen next don’t forget to catch tonight episode of “Nagin” at 8:00 PM only on the Colors Channel!

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